Aerospace Engineering Education at the University of Maine


In 2009, Dr. Rubenstein was asked to design, develop and deliver an Aerospace Engineering Concentration at the University of Maine through the creation and teaching of a series of four aerospace engineering courses. The first course, Astronautics, was developed during 2009 and delivered during the fall semester, 2009. The second course, Aeronautics, was developed during 2010 and delivered fall semester 2010. The third course, Flight Dynamics, Modeling and Control of Aircraft and Space Vehicles, was developed during 2011 and delivered fall semester 2011. This third course has since been divided into two individual graduate-level courses: Flight Dynamics and Control of Aircraft and Spacecraft Orbit and Attitude Dynamics and Control. The anticipated schedule for these courses through 2016 is shown in the table below. All the aerospace courses are offered through the Mechanical Engineering (MEE) Department at the University of Maine.


umaine-333All the aerospace courses are all taught remotely, using distance learning technologies, and as such are available to professionals and other students in various locations around the state, the New England region and, in fact, the entire country.

The Concentration in Aerospace Engineering is awarded to qualifying engineering or science students who successfully complete the two undergraduate courses (MEE 445 and 446) as well as one of the offered graduate courses (MEE 547 or 548). In addition to the Concentration, the University also offers a Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Engineering for qualifying graduate students who successfully complete all four of the aerospace courses.

The aerospace engineering courses at the University of Maine are now also available nationwide, through the College of Engineering’s Professional Science Master’s in Engineering and Business.